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Air Operated Pumps

Air Operated Pump Rentals

When working with combustible chemicals or if the job calls for lower flow rates,  positive displacement air operated diaphragm pumps or often used. Our standard rental fleet includes aluminum, stainless and plastic pumps with either buna or teflon wetted parts.  Other materials of construction are available upon request.

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Air-Operated Pump Rentals

When working with combustible chemicals or if the job calls for lower flow rates, positive displacement an air-operated diaphragm pump is often used. Our standard rental fleet includes aluminum, stainless, and plastic air operated pumps with either Buna or Teflon wetted parts.

Other materials of construction are available upon request if you have unique specifications for your application. Sage Rental Services is committed to providing exceptional service, which is why we offer our clients a range of customizable options.

How Do Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps Work?

Air-operated pumps are also known as displacement pumps because positive displacement powers them instead of centrifugal force. These pumps consist of two chambers that either fill with liquid or discharge it depending on the position of the flexible internal diaphragms.

An air valve directs compressed air toward one diaphragm and causes them both to react. As the air moves into one diaphragm, it activates the suction stroke and creates a vacuum in the other. This vacuum forces fluid into the chamber, which is discharged when the air valve changes direction. The pumping continues as air is fed into and vented from each diaphragm.

Air-operated pumps are robust, versatile, and easy to maintain, though you should keep in mind that they can also be noisy and are only appropriate for low-pressure applications.

Common Applications For Air Operated Pumps

Because displacement pumps are low-cost and robust, they’re ideal for various industrial applications. The pumping mechanism allows the pump to handle a wide range of liquids, including sludge, slurries, abrasive fluids, corrosive chemicals, solid-heavy liquids, and more.

Some typical applications for air-operated pumps are:

  • Mining: The simple design and easy-to-maintain mechanism make these pumps perfect for use in hazardous mining locations. You can use these pumps to dewater work sites or transfer abrasive slurries, solvents, and fuel.
  • Chemicals: Air-operated pumps are exceptionally resistant to corrosive chemicals, making them the go-to variety for loading, transferring, and distributing these substances.
  • Oil and gas: These robust pumps can filter materials and transfer fuel in classified or hazardous locations.
  • Wastewater: With their ability to process viscous and solid-heavy liquids, displacement pumps are perfect for wastewater management.

In addition to these applications, you can also use air-operated pumps to transfer, dose, and meter a range of liquids and viscous materials. These pumps are so versatile that many industry professionals refer to them as workhorse pumps.

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Types of Air-Operated Pumps

Air-operated pumps come in a range of materials, which means they can handle almost any liquid your application requires. We offer customizable construction options and six pump models in three different materials. All three compositions are available in 2-inch and 3-inch sizes. Our selection includes:

  • – Stainless steel: Our stainless steel air pumps are our most robust and versatile options. You can use them in numerous industries, including food, chemical, and fuel production.
  • – Polypropylene with Teflon: The polypropylene model features Teflon diaphragms, balls, and seats for added durability. These industrial plastic air pumps are resilient against many chemicals, such as citric acid, nitric acid, and sodium hydroxide.
  • – Aluminum and Buna: Our metallic models consist of aluminum bodies and air motors with Buna diaphragms, balls, and seats. The aluminum pumps are perfect for dewatering construction sites and removing wastewater.
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