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Safety Systems

Trench Safety Systems

Keeping your workers safe is a priority when doing trenchwork. A trench safety equipment and systems rental from Sage Rental Services will protect your crew as they work around and inside the trenches. We are committed to helping you prioritize security with equipment rentals designed for excavation job site safety.

Shoring Platform With Safety Gate

The shoring platform with a telescopic walkway allows workers to get into and out of trenches safely. The platform sits perpendicular to the trench, so workers can use the walkway to approach and retreat. No matter where workers are on the shoring platform, they’ll always have three contact points due to the handrails that run the length of the platform.

The shoring platform for rent at Sage Rental Services features a nonslip grid mesh floor for a stable walking service. The gate is self-closing and helps workers stay on the platform, and the ladder support bracket is built-in to offer a place for the ladder going into the trench to mount.

Rescue Davit Kit

If a worker needs to be extracted from a trench or ground excavation, the rescue davit kit will help pull them up and out. The device mounts on the side of steel or aluminum trench shoring, and the adjustable offset reach extends over the trench for the best vantage point.

The hoist line has an effective working length of 78 feet to reach the bottom of virtually any trench. The equipment winch winds the hoist line, so the tension will raise the worker out of the trench. The fall arrest line will help keep the worker from falling into the trench further during the hoisting process.

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Hand Guardrails and Mesh Barriers

Our excavation trench equipment offers trench protection by including hand guardrails and mesh barriers to keep workers safe when working outside the trench.

The hand guardrail is a physical barricade that clamps onto the edge of the trench shoring to prevent workers from falling in when they are near the edge. These modular pieces come in 10-foot, 11 1/2-foot and 13-foot lengths and can be used with any trench depth and length. The pieces can stack together for easy storage on the site and transportation when the project is complete.

The mesh barriers offer another style of physical barricade. The 2- and 4-foot panels are filled with a mesh grid to prevent workers from getting injured or dropping tools into the trench. The barrier is quick to assemble, requiring a secure clamp onto the trench.

hand guardrails and mesh barriers

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Sage Rental Services is committed to helping you and your team stay safe during your trenchwork projects. With our various remediation trench equipment safety options, we have a solution for all of your potential challenges. We can also partner with engineering professionals to give you a custom engineered safety plan that’s compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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