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Hydraulic Vertical Shores

hydraulic vertical shores at a job site

Hydraulic vertical shores have been used for decades, providing professionals with the consistency and reliability they require during their projects. These devices apply high pressure to trench walls to minimize soil movement and establish a safe environment.

Whether working on a one-off project or adding more shore to your equipment supply, consider renting hydraulic vertical shores from Sage Rental Services. We are a leading provider of innovative shores constructed from a strong and durable aluminum alloy, ready to provide your team with the high-quality tools you deserve.

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Sage has designed its vertical shoring to maximize the ease of transport, storage capacity, and versatility. The light-weight high strength aluminum alloy allows most units to be installed by one person and provides for easy transport of the vertical shore down the excavation line. The socket side bumper pad gives the proper retracting angle for easy storage and movement. The rail sizes and cylinder ranges can vary according to your excavation requirements.

The innovative 4-port swivel protected cylinder pad provides an even greater versatility in changing hydraulic Guide Frame for End Protection configurations. Sage provides both standard vertical shores and patented locking shores that have the flexibility to cover the needs of any fleet size. These features, along with our proper hydraulic stringent focus sealing, is what sets Sage Trench Services apart from the competition.

Cylinder Models
Model Range
Model – 27 17″-27″
Model – 36 22″-36″
Model – 46 28″-46″
Model – 55 35″-55″
Model – 64 40″-64″
Model – 88 52″-88″
Standard Rail Sizes
1.5′ – 3.5′ – 5′- 7′ – 9′ – 12′
Custom Sizes Available

Benefits of Our Hydraulic Vertical Shores for Rent

If you’re looking for a viable alternative to trench shields, hydraulic vertical shore rentals should be at the top of your list. These tools are ideal for plumbers, gas companies and municipalities when working on installations or repairs underground. They seamlessly slide into trenches and act as a preventive measure to create more secure working conditions.

Vertical shores provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Easy transportation: Hydraulic vertical shore rentals are compact with folding capabilities and a suitable retracting angle to maximize storage and transportation space. 
  • Beneficial versatility: Shoring models are available in various rail sizes and cylinder ranges, allowing you to easily and safely adhere to trench requirements.
  • Speedy installation: A single person can install these vertical shoring models in the excavation line to streamline your operations while keeping costs low.

Source Your Tools From Us

Finding the reliable devices your temporary project requires doesn’t have to be a challenge with Sage Rental Services. Our team has over four decades of industry experience, giving us the knowledge to handle countless situations and tailor our services to your needs. We proudly serve the underground construction industry, including the sewer, water, industrial, utility and petrochemical sectors.

We’re on a mission to become the industry leader in North America. We are passionate about delivering a one-of-a-kind experience that strengthens your services and preserves your bottom line. With our turnkey solutions and around-the-clock support, you can rest easy knowing you have a partner that has your back.

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Rent Hydraulic Vertical Shores From Sage Rental Services

Sage Rental Services is ready to provide your business with the equipment to optimize your on-the-job efficiency. We maintain a large inventory of cutting-edge trench safety equipment that will run reliably throughout your temporary project. Our team operates out of multiple locations throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana, making renting hydraulic vertical shores in your area more accessible than ever.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us online.

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