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Pasadena, TX

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Pump and Trench Rentals in Pasadena, TX

Are you looking for reliable, affordable trench and pump rentals in Houston, Texas? Sage Rental Services, located in the Mustang Cat Rental Store in nearby Pasadena, has everything you need. You’ll find a wide selection of well-maintained equipment from leading manufacturers and receive excellent service and support throughout the process.

Choose From an Assortment of Pump Rentals

Our Pasadena location carries all types of equipment for temporary pumping applications:

Our Houston Trench Rentals

Sage Rental Services can also meet all your trench safety needs in the Houston area. The rental lineup at our Pasadena location includes:

Why Choose Sage Rental Services?

At Sage Rental Services, we understand the importance of having safe, reliable pumping and trenching equipment at your job site. We can provide the high-quality Houston pump rentals you need to increase productivity and create a less hazardous work environment. You’ll also receive excellent service to maximize your rental experience.

Contact us to learn more about trench and pump rentals.