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How to Select the Right Industrial Trash Pump

Selecting the right trash pump requires several considerations. Our experts can help you choose the correct equipment.

What Is a Trash Pump?

A trash pump transports water from one place to another. Both are great for draining and moving the waste from sewer lines, but there’s an essential difference between a trash pump vs. a water pump.

Trash and water pumps are both designed to transport or remove standing water from an area. However, a standard water pump is specifically built to move plain water with tiny debris, whereas a trash pump can handle water mixed with small particles like grass, pebbles and leaves.

A standard water pump — or semi-trash pump — is great for projects like moving water from a clean pool or draining a flooded basement. These bodies of water will have less debris and won’t require a vane to filter rocks or other large objects. A trash pump, though, is great for muddier or sandier bodies of water you might find on a construction site or in an industrial facility. 

How to Select the Right Industrial Trash Pump

The best trash pump for your applications depends on the type of project and water involved. Industrial trash pumps come in all shapes and sizes to suit various applications.

Consider the water you’ll be pumping and whether it will carry small or large debris to find the right industrial trash pump for the job. You can measure the debris that will pass through the pump to select a model with a hose twice that size in diameter.

It also helps to know the differences between the kinds of industrial trash pumps on the market. Trash pumps come in two main types:

  • Centrifugal: A centrifugal trash pump is excellent for dirty and debris-laden water, but only some manufacturers distinguish trash pumps from water pumps or semi-trash pumps. Because of this ambiguity, we recommend paying special attention to the pump’s capabilities and the kind of water you’ll pump. 
  • Positive displacement: Positive displacement pumps — especially diaphragm trash pumps — are the heavy hitters of the industrial trash pumps due to their toughness and versatility. These options are high-volume trash pumps that can filter stones, trash and other large items.

Consider Other Pump Needs When Budgeting

Depending on the scope and timeline of your project, you may require additional solutions for different phases. These include the following and more:

Waiting for budget approval can slow down your project, so plan ahead to keep your project on track.

Get the Right Trash Pump Rentals With Sage Rental Services

Sage Rental Services carries a range of centrifugal trash pumps offering 2 inches to 14 inches of suction or discharge, ensuring you find the right piece of equipment for the job. Contact us online, or visit a Sage Rental Services location near you!