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Guide Frames – Pit and Linear

construction workers doing a guide frame pit application

The Sage Guide Frame System is Sage’s newest innovation in the trench shoring market. This system is one of the most cost efficient and in most applications can be installed in as little as 1 day. This pre- engineered shoring solution offers a great alternative to traditional sheet piling. It doesn’t require a vibratory hammer or whaler system for install, allowing for a cleaner and safer workspace. The overlapping vertical steel sheeting makes crossing utilities easy. The Guide Frame System can be installed in a Pit or Linear application, making it a truly versatile shoring solution. Guide Frame Systems can also be used in a 2 sided application with pipe spreaders.

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Guide Frame System
Model Available Panel Size (H) Available Panel Size  (L) Weight (lb) Depth Rating C-60
SGT-CSR-SG3-0612 6′ 12′ 7,591 20
SGT-CSR-SG3-0616 6′ 16′ 9,991 20
SGT-CSR-SG3-0620 6′ 20′ 12,490 20
SGT-CSR-SG3-0624 6′ 24′ 14,988 20
SGT-CSR-SG3-0630* 6′ 30′ 18,735 20
SGT-CSR-SG3-0636* 6′ 36′ 22,433 20
SGT-CSR-SG3-0640* 6′ 40′ 24,615 20
*Tie Beam Required

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