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Aluminum Build-a-Box

4-sided aluminum trench shoring build-a-box with gravel background

Safety, performance and reliability are top priorities when jobs require crews to work in trenches. Sage Rental Services is your headquarters for Aluminum Build-a-Box rentals that will protect your workers from pressure and weight if a cave-in occurs. Get peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything possible to reduce the risk of employee injury and maximize productivity at your job sites.

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This innovative trench box system includes numerous features that will add value to your work processes:

  • One System — many configurations
  • T slot adapter
  • Sage T slot adaptable corner post. Increased wall thickness on post tab to reduce pin connection damage.
  • T slot adapter with elongated pin holes
  • Elongated slotted pinhole pattern allows for easy assembly on uneven surfaces
  • T slot adapted for linear application (3-sided post)
  • T slot adapted for “L” shaped excavation (4-sided post)


H L (lb) (est) (psf) (lb) A-25 B-45 C-60 C-80
SGT-CBAS-2X3 1’ 3’ 53 2586 30’ 30’ 30’ 30’
SGT-CBAS-2X4 2′ 4′ 66 1940 30′ 30′ 30′ 24′
SGT-CBAS-2X5 2′ 5′ 79 1552 30′ 30′ 27′ 22′
SGT-CBAS-2X6 2′ 6′ 91 1296 30′ 30′ 23′ 18′
SGT-CBAS-2X7 2′ 7′ 104 1108 30′ 26′ 20′ 16′
SGT-CBAS-2X8 2′ 8′ 117 970 30′ 24′ 18′ 14′
SGT-CBAS-2X10 2′ 10′ 143 776 30′ 20′ 14′ 12′
SGT-CBAS-2X12 2′ 12′ 173 598 24′ 14′ 10′ 8′
Adjustable Spreader Size:
21″-31″, 26″-40″, 32′′-50′′, 38′′-59″, 44′′-68″, 56′′-92″ (3.5″ x 3.5″ SQ TUBE)

Why Choose an Aluminum Trench Box?

The aluminum build-a-box offers a lightweight, flexible alternative to steel products. The modular design makes this equipment easy to transport — the heaviest version weighs only 173 pounds, enabling you to haul it with a small truck. Assembly is quick and easy and requires minimal setup space.

These four-sided boxes offer multiple configuration options to customize the box’s shape to fit any trench opening. The trench box also has adjustable arch spreaders to provide extra clearance.

Choose From Multiple Box Sizes

The aluminum build-a-box is available in eight sizes to meet any project requirement. All options are 2 feet high, but you’ll have several choices for the length, shield capacity and depth rating. You can also connect multiple modular sections to fit longer trenches.

Build-a-Box Applications

These high-quality trench boxes are excellent when working in tight spaces with multiple obstacles or when you need to reconfigure the box frequently. Examples of typical uses and applications include:

  • Utility hole installation projects
  • Underground repair work
  • Laterals and taps
  • Limited-access areas requiring a backhoe loader

Advantages of a Build-a-Box Trench Box Rental

Renting a trench box can be a practical and cost-effective solution if you only need it for a temporary or short-term project. You’ll also attain better results by matching equipment with specific applications. Since you return the box after using it, you can skip storing it, too. Improved cash flow is another benefit of safer and more productive operations, making it easier to fulfill your business’s financial obligations.

aluminum trench shield

Why Rent From Us?

When you rent an aluminum build-a-box trench box from Sage Rental Services, you’ll get a reliable product at a competitive price and receive exceptional service. Our equipment is available around the clock for your convenience, and we offer four-hour replacements to minimize downtime if an emergency occurs. We even provide training and support to ensure you get the most out of your rentals.

Check out our aluminum build-a-box lineup and contact us for more information and a quote today.

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